Samantha Morgan~ an inspiration~ In Loving Memory

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Samantha the Wall rider

Her life was the Drome.

Her passion contagious,

The Drome was her home.

Samantha the animal lover

Unselfish and without greed.

They’ll never be another like her.

Care taker to those in need.

Unforgettable presence that pounded your heart,

Her eyes possessed a special spark,

A beautiful soul that left a mark,

In the Motordrome world she became the Matriarc.

Samantha Morgan, an inspiration to us all.

Samantha Morgan, fearless rider of the Wall.

Blazing,  fiery spirit that calls to us all.

Beautiful, graceful, slender and tall.

Now riding high,  the Angel of the Wall.

Samantha Morgan... the name says it all.

~With endless love that has no limits or boundaries, a love that will grow with everyday that you are missed ~

Written by Sandra D. on behalf of the California Hell Riders

Samantha was one of a kind, a person that steps into your life and leaves you in utter amazement.  She was a slice of Motordrome history.  I looked up to her.
My eyes are swollen because of her absence. 
If tears could bring her back to me, she would be right by my side.
 I love you Sammy.
I will never forget you.
I thank you and I am so lucky to be able to say that "we are family"
I will miss our deep conversations and you will always have that space in my heart that only you can fill.
"From one animal lover to another"
~~~I love you~~~

May 10th, 2008
As a little girl growing up I always dreamt I would be a Diving Horse Girl and perform in Atlantic City.  I got the idea from a movie titled "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken".  At the time I didn't realize the movie was a documentary and times had changed so my dream to become a Diving Horse Girl would never come true.  That was until I met Samantha Morgan.  Instead of diving horses, she was riding Walls.  Sonora the 'horse diver' was now Samantha the 'Trick Rider'.  I was once again that star struck little girl.  
Graceful moves,
her extended limbs expressed the feeling of freedom with every lap.
Effortless, elegant, natural, captivating.
She had such poise.
On the Wall she became everything that she ever wanted to be. 
Samantha did not have the easiest of lives. 
She struggled hard to get where she was.  She was a strong woman warrior.
When I met Samantha I was a girl coming into her own.   Seeing Samantha ride and listening to her stories was so intoxicating.  I was so mesmerized by her.  Samantha was a beautiful, tall, slender woman rider who rode the Wall so elegantly.  She was the first Trick Rider I ever got to see and watching her ride was like a breath of fresh air.  She knew I wanted to do more than sell tickets.  She encouraged me to go farther.  She made me realize that my dream to ride could be a reality and she encouraged me to make it that way.  She made me WANT it. 
I cannot put into words all the things I loved about her.  Her kindness was never ending.  I see her in my mind, clear as day going into the side saddle extending her arms ever so effortlessly, feeling free and content, living in that very moment on the Wall and loving it, her slice of heaven.  That was the only place she wanted to be.
For me, Samantha stands for a dream turned reality.  I admire her, I adore her (as do all the others whose lives she has touched. )

Below- Visiting Sonny & Judy
Don Daniels Sr. and Sammy
Family = Happy Days
Teaching Sandra how to g on the Wall w/ 2wheels
Sam and Mike Morrison
Sammy watching Sandra ride gokart for the 1st time
A Happy place
Myrtle Beach
Below- Sammy & Annette
Sam & Jay
American Motor Drome & Hell Riders Unite
Mischief & Daisy making sure Roxy is alright
Wish I could hug you again
Wall Riders In the pit


Always beautiful on the Wall. Her happy place~
Below- Sammy, Daisy & Mischief
Conquering the Bonneville Flats
Always smiling
Tuning her Indian Lily & the 'girls'
Feeling complete
Still smiling
Below- Sad face seeing her old Drome rotting away

WWW.THRILLARENA.COM *** Samantha had acquired so many pictures, contacts, and history Wall related. She had a huge site which she was in the process of fine tuning. This is what she had finished while continuing to add /transfer her old files.... (click on this text to check it out)